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June 27, 2015 ~ Whiterock Conservancy
June 27, 2015 ~ Whiterock Conservancy
| Photos!
The photos are back from the photographer, Daniel! We've uploaded all 612 of them. There are also tons of great photos taken by everyone who attended. We've merged them all into one big photo gallery. And finally there is also a video recording of the ceremony.
Check it out:
If you would like the original copies of any of these photos, just let us know and we'll email them to you.

Jonathan & Cassie are finally getting married!

Schedule of Events

4:00pm Ceremony
4:30pm Social Hour & Lawn Games
6:00pm Reception
7:30pm Dancing
Dress code
Casual — no suits or fancy dresses required! The wedding will be outside, so dress for the weather. The ceremony will take place on the lawn, so heels are for the adventurous only.
Bring the kids! We'll have yard games for them to play, and a dog who loves kids!
Cell phones
The Whiterock Conservancy is in the middle of nowhere, and Verizon is the only carrier that has coverage there. Before you head out to the wedding, please check that you have a map and directions.
Rehearsal Dinner
We are hosting a rehearsal dinner on Friday night for family and out of town guests. It will be at the Hotel Pattee in Perry, starting at 6pm. Afterwords we have reserved the hotel's bowling ally. We're hoping to organize a bride's family vs. groom's family bowling tournament. So bring your A-game to the rehearsal dinner! :)

Map / Directions

Our Proposal

Jonathan and Cassie go hiking almost every weekend, and Jonathan suggested that they go check out the Hobbit Village at Federation Forest State Park for their weekend hike. The Hobbit Village is an eclectic place in the middle of an old growth forest where a bunch of people have left behind gnomes and a collection of other unusual items. Jonathan and Cassie were dog sitting for their neighbor, so they also brought their neighbor's dog, Sienna, along with their dog, Adele. The trail to the Hobbit Village is really muddy, so by the time everyone arrived at the Hobbit Village, they were all covered in mud.

When they arrived at the Hobbit Village, Cassie saw a gnome that was holding a sign that said 'Cassie'. Since the Hobbit Village is a popular place for kids, Cassie just thought that a girl had left a gnome in the Hobbit Village with her name on it. However, as Cassie wandered off the trail to check out the other gnomes, there was another gnome with a sign that said 'Will', and farther off the trail, there was a gnome with a sign that said 'You'. At this point, Cassie was very confused, and lost the trail of gnomes since the next gnome was out of sight. But, Adele had found the way, and Jonathan yelled, "Follow the dog!" Cassie followed Adele behind a big log and found another gnome with a sign that said 'Marry'. The final set of gnomes were Jonathan & Cassie gnomes with a sign that said 'Me?' between them, and they were in front of a gnome house that Jonathan built. The design of the gnome house was based on the house in the American Gothic painting since Cassie grew up only 20 miles from the real American Gothic house in Eldon, Iowa. Jonathan got down on one knee next to the gnomes and popped the question, and Cassie said 'Yes!' and laughed a lot.

Places To Stay

Things to Do

We hope you'll come,
It will be fun,
Our joy we'll share,
So just be there!
Will you attend the wedding?
Wedding Registry

All we want for our wedding is to see your smiling face enjoying Iowa! If you really want to give us a gift, the gift we would like most of all is some help setting up and cleaning up. The registry has information on ways to help out, and a list of charities we support. Thank you and hope to see you there!